CBUS Australian cinema investments

What has CBUS invested in for Australian Cinema

CBUS has been described as Cbus is focused on providing superannuation investment, services & retirement planning for Australian’s within the building, construction & allied industries. Cbus serves over 89,000 employers & 722,000 industry & general public members. Cbus is one Australia’s largest superannuation funds. Cbus has over $27 billion of members superannuation funds under management.. CBUS is trustee of the superfund. The fund goes by the name Construction & Building Unions Superfund. The CBUS is also known by the name Construction & Building Industry Super. The official business entity that owns CBUS is United Super Pty Ltd. Construction & Building Unions Superfund’s ABN is 46 006 261 623. Construction & Building Unions Superfund can be contact via phone, their number is 1300 361 784. You can find more details about CBUS on their website: CBUS Super